Monday, March 30, 2009

Celebrity on the ≤ 10 -6 Scale

The International System of Units/Système International d’Unités Official Guide to Celebrity on the ≤ 10-6 Scale

11th Annual Celebrity Metrology Conference, Las Vegas, Nevada

Person in front of you at Open Mic Night/last guy to leave drumming circle/has-been from Sheila Bishop’s Cabaret


Hey, you brought donuts!


Man, some asshole is eating all the donuts.

Name published in the well-read journal The Yellow Pages


Name published in the less well-read White Pages


Yes, that would be you on your driver’s license.


Theoretical lowest values for celebrity. One or more of the following minimally apply:

• Can recognize own self in mirror, or
• Corpse can be identified by mother
• Are minimally distinct by Leibniz’s Law


Jordan said...

Are you more than a microcelebrity if you and your cult were international news for a few months in the 80s?

Van Choojitarom said...

By commenting on this blog, you are already famous.

Jordan said...

But by what degree?

Van Choojitarom said...

Genius is immortal

Jordan said...

Whose genius are you referring to, yours or mine? Actually, knowing the approximate size of your ego, I think I know the answer ;)

Van Choojitarom said...

The ego is just for show.

Jordan said...

Oh, I know that. Don't forget, I've actually met you in person. That's why I think you're so adorable ;)