Monday, February 2, 2009

What is Civic Knowledge? A Gothic Tale


The civics class is the slow fattening mole that is dancing around the half-eaten ruination of the garden that is your soul. It's like when you are going to a movie with a friend and on the way to the movie, they get a spear in their head and you ask them "do you want to go home or see a doctor?" and they say "no, it's not so bad, we're here, let's see the movie." Then, after the movie is over you ask them "well, what did you think?" and they don't say anything because they are dead and you realize you have just spent possibly ninety minutes watching Adam Sandler and holding the hands of a corpse. And you think: the spear. It was the spear.

And later you take some evening classes at a community college, to better yourself (because you don't like yourself) and one of those classes is on spear making and every time you go to class you think of that movie. And when class is over you walk out into the great emptiness of the parking lot and wish you still smoked, or were young and you lie on the roof of your car and look up at the stars and it looks like a vast expanse of diet soda.