Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Trans Siberian Minimalist Post Goth

Liner Notes From My New Album "MASTER OF SEX WOLVES"

The single genius track "Wonderful, So Wonderful" ; it is so brilliant that in this video I weep for you, so you will not be afraid or ashamed to experience these new emotions I have created for all of mankind. The sensations that I am giving you are entirely new; they have never been experienced before by any human being in this exact manner or order, like when I make love to you in the devil's rain using my unique mechanical claw. In this way my music and my claw create entirely new affections in men and women, emotions in the transorbit of joy, godhood and creation.

The Extended Mix features more wolves and a shark. It is a little over a week long. It will be featured at next year's Bayreuth Festspiele where it will replace The Ring in its totality. In this way I will avenge our afflicted philologist from Basel and will not have to pay for parking.

Old Stoker was right when he wrote about the music of the children of the night, but to give his words truth he had to put his words in the mouth of an immortal fiend, kneeling by the river of wolves. If you have ever seen the night sky, uncontaminated by human habitation, you have seen this and heard every star so howling while violating every aspect of your rental car agreement.

I have tried to give succor to the words of your criminals in the eroticism of the universe of the bathysphere. But for your incessant talk of dirty socks I would have remained there and understood time.

But for you I am creating a sundial and extinguishing the sun.

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Jordan said...

Nice touch with the repeating wolves. Much like the sex scenes in a cheaply made porno, the constant repetition either makes you burst out laughing or reach for more lube, depending on your state of mind. Also, I kept waiting for one of your shoulders to start moving rapidly.