Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Complete Encouraging Voice of the Labyrinth

The End of the Curse and the Beginning 3/20/07
My Fat Kid 3/14/07
Lost Dog 3/6/07
Understanding Advertising 2/28/07
I Love Babies! With Some Reservations 2/19/07
On The Ultimate Pleasure 2/13/07
My Florida Job On A Pale Horse 2/6/07
Nonexistent and Forbidden Paintings You May Have Missed 1/30/07
To My Thoughtful and Invisible Readers 1/23/07
In Defense of Beauty 1/23/07
What's Jack Drinking? 1/16/07
Technology Today in Review 1/9/07
Nachlass 12/27/06
Favorite Christmas Albums 12/24/06
In Hoc Signo Vinces 12/18/06
Password: Zanzibar 12/12/06
A Young Person's Guide to Misanthropic Pessimism 12/4/06
A Short and Seemingly Unfinished Guide to Public Speaking 11/28/06
Thanksgiving Special: What to Tattoo on Your Pet 11/20/06
Unfinished Notes Towards Laziness 11/14/06
Your New Gravedigger: A Checklist 10/31/06
Getting in Shape for Halloween II 10/24/06
Life Among the Mannequins 10/17/06
A Small, Yet Stimulating Guide to Erotic Punctuation 10/9/06
Preface to the Erotic Chess Story 10/3/06
The Manifesto of the Erotic Chess Story 10/3/06
IN THE COURT OF THE BLACK KING (erotic chess story) 10/3/06
Listen to Me 9/26/06
EVA 9/18/06
Breakfast With The Mermaids 9/11/06
The Desert Bride 9/5/06
Kinds of Hypnotized Horse Acts 8/29/06
Stories I Wrote to Girls Who Never Wrote Back III: Ed Harris Won’t Leave Me Alone 8/21/06
My Nietzsche 8/14/06
A Short, Yet Wholly Inadequate and Unworthy Guide to Groveling 8/7/06
The War With No Name 8/1/06
Lifeguard of the Black Beach of Hell 7/24/06
Notice to Quit 7/18/06
My Lines From My Porno Movie 7/11/06
On Love and Jealousy 7/3/06
The Reader 6/26/06
My Sexy Spring 6/10/06
Dear Mysterious Listener 6/6/06
Year One 6/6/06
Reading Wittgenstein’s "Philosophical Investigations As A Failed Journey to the Antarctic. 6/6/06
The Beautiful Phrases (Followed by Exposition) Number One: “I’ll Kill You, I’ll Kill You All...” 6/4/06
Why We Are Going Back to the Moon 5/30/06
An Atlas of Depression 5/22/06
There's Nothing Really Wrong with Me, Really, Part II 5/15/06
Dada Sculpture Today 5/9/06
Thoughts While Watching Andy Warhol’s Blow Job 5/2/06
Reviews of Calvin Klein's Perfumes As Sprayed in My Eyes 4/23/06
The Loster Gospel of Judas 4/13/06
The Bride of Chocula Stripped Bare 4/10/06
My Rowlf the Dog Entry for Muppet Wiki 4/3/06
The Focus Group of Doctor Moreau 3/27/06
Affective Disorders Common Among Time Travelers and Other Sad Notes 3/21/06
A Note on Our Contributor 3/14/06
Review: "To Live to A Certain Age and Meet People" Two Hands Up! Way Up! 3/14/06
NEWSMAKER 2049: AI-ROCK'S IRON MAN: An Interview with Rockin’ Killbot 3/7/06
The Fitting 2/27/06
Notes Towards Post-Modern Romance 2/20/06
Do You Want to Make Love? 2/13/06
Phases of the Wolf-Man 2/5/06
Disguises 1/31/06
Notes On the Muskrat 1/24/06
The Black Arts, An Introduction: 1/17/06
Stories I Wrote for Girls Who Never Wrote Back II: From The Royal Society for Cryptozoology 1/10/06
My Plans For 2006, as Prefigured the Titles of Unfinished Prose Poems by Baudelaire 1/10/06
Notes From My Visit to the Future 1/3/06
Thanksgiving with the Master 12/27/05
Christmas at the House of Usher 12/20/05
God Bless You, Rene Descartes 12/20/05
Today's Coffee 12/12/05
Nine Changes to the Eighth Wonder of the World 12/3/05
Holidays with Van 11/28/05
The Turkey as Social Ornament and Installation 11/25/05
Stories I Wrote for Girls Who Never Wrote Back I: The Caligari/Hitler Express 11/23/05 The Chinese Optometrist 11/15/05
Nightlife in The Forbidden City 11/9/05
My Game with Lo Pan 11/9/05
The Captain's Table 11/1/05
One Morning 10/25/05
Getting in Shape for Halloween 10/18/05
I Don't Think I'm Sporty Enough For This Relationship 10/11/05
The Symmetrical Valleys 10/5/05
The Cave of a Thousand Screaming Sorrows 9/26/05
A Narcissist's Guide to China 9/21/05
Hallowe'en Shopping 9/14/05
The Fabulous Cat-Bears of China 9/14/05
“I’m an American” 9/8/05
The Chinese Labyrinth: Greetings from ARAKCON 2005... 8/17/05
THE LAST DAYS OF VAN ON EARTH, Part III. Section ... 8/17/05
LAST DAYS III. Section B: Scenes from An Italian ... 8/17/05
LAST DAYS III. Section D: The Fiend 8/17/05
LAST DAYS III. Section E: INT. CAR -NIGHT 8/17/05
LAST DAYS III. Section F: Journey to the End of ... 8/17/05
From My Inbox: The Child 8/17/05
My Life With the Devil, Part II 8/5/05
My Life With the Devil, Part I 8/3/05
THE LAST DAYS OF VAN ON EARTH: 2. A Citizen of Los Angeles 7/22/05
from "A Director's Notebook" 7/17/05
THE LAST DAYS OF VAN ON EARTH: 1. The Wrap 7/12/05
First Look: THE MASTER OF SEX 7/11/05
The Greatest Contemporary Short Story Ever Told 7/11/05
From the LA Film Festival: The Lincoln Hunters 7/7/05 I
Independence: Notes from a Party 7/7/05
Quiz Answer: Fear the Englishman 7/7/05
Please Stop Defaming the German People 7/7/05
To My Hosts 6/28/05
Robot Shopping 6/27/05
Quiz: You are in a classical pornographic narrative... 6/27/05
What is “El Minotaur Blanco”? 6/21/05
What is The Encouraging Voice of the Labyrinth? 6/21/05

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